giving back

In addition to photographing client dogs, Sarah M Stone Photography volunteers time with foster families of Stray Animal Adoption Program, a local Cincinnati, Ohio area animal rescue. It is both fun and rewarding! And it's a great day when a hard-to-adopt dog goes home with family who can help it thrive and show it endless love. 
The images are shared on the organizations' website and posted with the animals' online profiles. These beautiful animals all deserve a home where they are loved and snuggled to their heart's content! They come to the rescue scared and confused. 
Head tilts and puppy eyes help them find a brand new, perfect home and someone who will mend their broken spirit.

Photographing dogs certainly isn't the easiest task, but it is totally worth the grass stains, bug bites, and dog-slobber-covered lenses to help these pups unite with a new family.

Stray Animal Adoption Program is one of the largest foster-based animal rescues in the Cincinnati, Ohio area. You can learn more about their rescue and the great work they do here: Stray Animal Adoption Program

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