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Hi, I'm so glad you're here! I am Sarah, the gal behind the lens. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, married to the best guy out there, and companion to 2 very hairy canines. My husband and I love adorable animal videos, road trips, vacation cruises, cheesecakes, mimosas, and Netflix.

This photography journey began in 2005, as I photographed all of my friends' new and growing families. 2017 marks the year of my new business name, Sarah M Stone Photography; however, I've been loving and shooting photography for over ten years!
2017 is also the year I am embracing my passion for dog photography, which has always been there tapping on my shoulder just waiting for me to embrace it.


We adopted our first "married couple" dogs in 2013, just after we purchased our very first home! These spunky girls will be the death of me... The longer I search for a photo of just myself, the more photos I find of us, my husband and me. And I'm ok with this.

Let's be real. Moments are fleeting. Life is unpredictable. Don't take this life for granted. Take pictures. Remember your loved ones. People and dogs alike. You love them now and you will miss them later. Don't let yourself forget these beautiful times.

This is what photography is about. When the memories fade, you have your photographs to remind you. Display your memories. Keep your albums close.

Dogs are family, too. Include them.


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